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Honorable Members

Distinguished University professors and other distinguished personalities, regardless of nationality, who with their work contributed or may contribute decisively to the promotion of the object of the Institute are portrayed as Honorary Members.

Honorary Members do not bear rights and obligations.

Honorary Members are proposed by the Board of Directors and portrayed by the majority of those present in the General Assembly. The Board of Directors decision is notified by a letter of the President to the Honorary Member.

The Honorary Members form an Advisory Committee with an advisory role to the Board of Directors.

Dr. George Psacharopoulos, Honorary member of the Institute

The Institute in May 2016 (Decision GA, 06.15.2016), dubbed as the first Honorary Member of Dr. George Psacharopoulos, internationally distinguished Greek Economist Education (Officer of the World Bank and universities in Europe and the US a.) for his contribution to the development of Financial Education.